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jake shannon libertarian
jake shannon libertarian

406 E. 300 S. #106
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Tel: 801-738-5390

jake shannon libertarian

  Jake Shannon is currently the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Utah, and has served as Vice-Chair in the past.

In 2010, Jake ran for U.S. Congress. The following material from that election cycle is provided below to help familiarize yourself with Jake:

Read Jake's answers to the 2010 Campaign for Liberty candidate survey here.

Read Salt Lake City Weekly's article about Jake here.

Here's another City Weekly article about Jake, his books and his radio program.

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A note from the President's Leadership Class about Jake.

Jake currently hosts the libertarian talk radio program Mental Self Defense Radio on AM630 K-Talk (KTKK), M-W, 1-3p.

  Learn about Jake Shannon and his perspective on libertarian political theory.

jake shannon libertarian

jake shannon libertarian

Jake wrote the first book on the modern Tea-Party movement. His thesis has been discussed people like Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano and has now been proven by the social science data:
Jake's breakthrough book on epistemology, skepticism, and the rhetoric of science where he first revealed the concepts of 'periphenia' and the 'New Word Order':




The Hypnotist: Healer, Head-Hacker, & Headliner

Jake presents a whirlwind tour of hypnosis and presents his own fractal theory of hypnotism, makes the original call for the appreciation of hypnotherapy as 'iatrologic', and presents the reality of anti-social hypnosis and its implication for our use of language and self-ownership:

The Hypnotist: Healer, Head-Hacker, & Headliner

jake shannon libertarian
"You keep up the good work because its shows like yours that people like me are allowed to come and talk the truth on."
Gov. Jesse Ventura

"Mr. Shannon, you are a wonderful interviewer. More power to you!"
Dr. Thomas Szasz
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, State University of New York Health Science Center

"Jake Shannon is exactly what we need to rid our country of complacency and the political correctness that is destroying our nation."
Sheriff Richard Mack

"America's problems can be summed up in two words: big government. American needs people like Jake Shannon who will fight against big government, and fight for individual liberty and free markets."
Glenn Jacobs
(aka the WWE Heavyweight Champion Kane)

"[Jake] Shannon is an iconoclast."
Jesse Fruhwirth
City Weekly

"If you like Ron Paul, you are sure to like Jake Shannon. Like Ron Paul, Jake is a dedicated defender of liberty and constitutional government."
David Gordon, PhD. Editor, The Mises Review

"At Indymac, Jake showed great foresight about upcoming market trends and was prescient and vocal about the risks forming in the housing market. Jake has extensive experience with reverse mortgages and has capitalized on his skills to develop a highly respected reverse mortgage consulting group. Jake is results-oriented: he sets goals for himself and achieves them."
Robert Sandhofer
Head Of Model Validation And Market Risk at OneWest Bank
Pasadena, CA

"I had the pleasure of managing Jake while he was working as a Derivatives Specialist in Financial Engineering Associates. Jake's critical thinking skills, strong work ethics, as well as his interpersonal and leadership skills made him a very important member of the department from day one. His deep knowledge of quantitative finance, as well as his excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing, allowed him to explain complex finance topics to a wide variety of audiences. He is very resourceful and independent, and consistently performed above my expectations."
Carlos Blanco
Managing Director of NQuantX, LLC
jake shannon libertarian